IFT Homologation Additional Guidelines Now Active

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) in Mexico has updated homologation guidelines for telecommunication and broadcasting devices which can build connection to telecommunication networks or use the radio-electric spectrum. The updated guideline comes into effect as of June 27, 2022.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Advanced electronic signature was successfully implemented
  • Homologation applications can be submitted via the electronic service portal
  • Homologation certificates have become non-transferable and can include affiliates, subsidiaries and importers (relevant for Homologation Types A and C)
  • Data sheets and user manuals must be in Spanish and delivered to the authority IFT
  • Homologation Types B and C require schematics and block diagrams
  • Labelling of products has changed. Labelling will be acceptable on the product, manual or packaging. The only required and acceptable marking will be in the form "IFT: XXXX"
  • For only submissions done after June 27th will need to be done under the new PEC 2022. Which is, The two first characters would correspond to the two first letters from the main certificate owner, then the second two would refer to the brand, then to the first two letters from the main model name, followed by the two last digits from the year, a dash, and the final digits would correspond to the submission reference number.

    Here is the link of the official requirements.

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