Government Lessens Obstacles For Businesses

The United Kingdom and made the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) a mandatory conformity mark of the UK which replaces both the CE and reverse epsilon marking. Manufactures have to start using the new UKCA marking by January 1, 2023. In order to lessen the obstacles for business that want to sell to Untied Kingdom, the new UK Regulatory Regime, the Government of the United Kingdom has recently announced supporting measure for business which are adopting the UKCA marking before the deadline.

  • Reducing re-testing costs for UKCA certification.
  • Abolishing need to re-test existing imported stock.
  • Continuing to accept spare parts onto the GB market.
  • Allowing manufactures to affix the UKCA marking and to include importer information for products from EEA countries and in some cases Switzerland on an accompanying document or label until December 31,2025.
  • Recognizing historic testing on some construction products will be able to obtain a UKCA mark without having to retest through a UK-approved body.
  • Products that will need the the UKCA mark. It will apply to most goods previously subjected to the CE marking. It will also apply to aerosol products that bore the ‘reverse epsilon’ marking.

    Until the legislation starts to deviate more from the CE, both the technical requirements and the circumstances which you can use self-declaration of conformity will be the same for the UKCA. The conformity assessment processes and standards needed to demonstrate conformity still mimic the CE. The CE marking is only valid in Great Britain for areas where GB and EU rules have remained the same. IF the EU or GB changes its rules, your CE mark will prevent you from selling in Great Britain even before January 1, 2023. On the other foot, the UKCA marking is not recognized on the EU market and must have an CE mark to sell in the EU.

    Reasons why you need an UKCA marking before January 1, 2023:

  • Is for the market in Great Britain
  • Is covered by legislation which requires the UKCA marking
  • Requires mandatory third-party conformity assessment
  • Conformity assessment has been carried out by the UK conformity assessment body
  • This does not apply to existing stock or goods that had a CE mark and was ready to place on the market before January 1,2021. For goods placed on the market from January 1, 2023, the government has spoken of introducing legislation so the the UkCA marking can be placed on a label affixed to the product or on a document accompanying the product until December 31, 2025. This will apply for most goods requiring the UKCA marking.

    There will be different rules for:

  • Medical Devices
  • Construction Products
  • Cableways
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Marine Equipment
  • Transportable Pressure Equipment
  • Rail Products
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