Modifying Sample Requirements For Testing and Certification

On June 24th, 2022 the Secretariat of Economy of Mexico has issued a modification regarding the importation of samples for NOM testing and certification. This will include manny changes to allow for products to be quickly identified in an efficient manner. The updates are mandatory for importers who wish to do business in Mexico.

These are the new procedures:

  • The number of samples must not exceed 3 or the number allotted by the corresponding NOM, as applicable.
  • The importation documents must declare the EN identifier of Appendix 8 of Annex 22, which identifies the merchandise.
  • HS code 9806.00.01 must be used to declare the importation of samples.
  • The importation documents must include one of two documents.
  • The two documents must fall under:

  • A letter issued by the importer, declaring under oath, that the samples are imported for NOM testing and/or certification purposes, specifying the certification body to be used and the applicable certification scheme and the number of samples.
  • Or

  • A letter issued by the certification body declaring that the samples will be used for testing and/or certification purposes.
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