New Regulations No.5722-2022 WiFi 6E Devices

The Ministry of Communication (MoC) in Israel released a new regulations called No.5722-2022. 5722-2022 was approved on 4th July 2022 and serves to amend and correct Wireless Telegraph (Certificates of Compliance), Regulation 5721-2021.

The Israeli Ministry of Communications (MoC) intends to allocate additional radio frequency ranges for imported technology products used for both private and commercial purposes. Devices using Wi-Fi 6E technology are also included in the RF spectrum.The EU documents (EU DoC, EU Test Reports) will now be accepted for type approval in Israel. This is expected to make import procedures easier.

There are multiple changes to the original Regulation, the changes include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Labels can be with importer company ID instead of certificate, once a certificate is expired, there is no need to change the label, if importer with multiple certified products, only one label will be needed.
  • The parameter of max bandwidth of 500 MHz in the UWB 6-8.5 GHz band, has been removed and there is no min. or max. bandwidth.
  • WiFi 6E is allowed for indoor activity up to 200mW in the band of 5.945-6.245 GHz (WAS, RLAN).
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