Mandatory Minimum Requirements For Device Marking

The National Communications Authority of Argentina published a Resolution No.854/2020 on August 11th, 2022 regarding mandatory minimum regulations for the marking of devices registered in the RAMATEL.

The main purpose of the Resolution is to clarify how the marking will be approved for the RAMATEL. Mainly the RAMATEL isologotype or isotype and Trgistration number issued by ENACOM for RAMATEL.

Starting from August 12, 2022, product must meets the following requirement by:

  • Montserrat Regular is the only font that can be used for the isotype.
  • Homologated devices (automobiles, watercraft, motorcycles, and so on) must also adhere to the aforementioned Resolutions, with identification printed in the manual or on the documentation board.
  • For New Approvals: RAMATEL label must be implemented on the product

    For Renewals: Product that approved must also labelled with the RAMTEL mark, product with labelling photos should showing the RAMTEL mark instead of CNC.

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