New Class Assignment No.2 2022

Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) released a new class assignment No.2 2022 on July 25th, 2022. Class Assignment No.1 2021 will be cancelled and replaces by Class Assignment No.2 2022. The changes includes all devices range from short range device (SRD), Two way radio until Cellular mobile access.

There are several differences between Class Assignment No. 1 2021 and Class Assignment No. 2 2022. The following details are provided:

New Frequency Added

  • Added WIFI 6E Frequency 5925MHz to 6425 MHz, 25 mW EIRP (For indoor and outdoor use), 200 mW EIRP (For indoor use only)
  • 5150 - 5350 MHZ had been split into 2 categories to fulfill outdoor and indoor requirements. 5150 MHz to 5250 MHz, 200 mW EIRP (For outdoor use only). 5150MHz to 5350 MHz, 1 w EIRP (For indoor use only)
  • Added New Frequency at 5725 MHz - 5850 MHz for the use of Wireless Microphone
  • Added 11.20 GHz to 11.45 GHz
  • Removed Usage of the frequency

  • 2483.5 MHz to 2520 MHz
  • 2670 MHz to 2690 MHz
  • Additional Schedule as per below:

    Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) device Frequency Bands

  • 206.0 MHz to 406.1 MHz
  • 121.5MHz
  • Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) device

  • 433 MHz to 435 MHz
  • Manufacturer are now able to apply for WIFI 6E conjunction with SIRIM announcement and clear on the Malaysia WIFI 6E requirements, for Personal Locator Beacon Device - PLB and Unmanned Aircraft System Devices - UAS (Drone) Manufacturers now have a more detailed requirement to comply since the new schedule are released.

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