Meet the New Antenna Standards Or Be Dismissed

Starting from August 25, 2022 The Federal Communications Commission of the United States of America will require mandatory antenna gain specifications.

Testing laboratories and telecommunications certification bodies were informed about missing information on antenna gain in previously provided applications and test reports found in recent audits. Many reports simply stated antenna gain information is declared by the manufacturer without additional supporting information showing the device’s compliance. To combat this lack of info, the FCC has decided that all part 15 applications must contain adequate information on the maximum antenna Gai for the operational frequency band as well as provide information on derivation of antenna gain. Relevant at a is to be in a manufacturer data sheet or a measurement report. This report should be done for each antenna type if there are multiple antennas within a device to show each deviation. The reports should also include MIMO data when appropriate.

All applications granted after August 25, 2022 without proper antenna information will be dismissed.FCC is allowing all telecommunication certification bodies to request application be put in an audit status to allow time to update the antenna information during this transitionary period. This update will impact your product’s FCC approval status up to and including it being dismissed or suspended if antenna data is found insufficient. All new applications for part 15 should expect to add an antenna specification data sheet to their required proof of compliance.

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