Family Devices Provide Transparency For Buyers

The Nigerian Communications Commission, also known as the NCC, will now offer family regulations for the following three products.

  • Microwave Radio equipment category
  • Enterprise equipment category
  • Radio module in an End product (Non-Telecom Equipment Only)
  • The rationale for Family Billing is to encourage the manufacturers to submit more equipment for trading as and make them more open and transparent about all the devices under a series or family and not hide it.

    Examples of how it works, for Microwave Radio equipment, the idea is to form families with the same type of equipment operating with different frequencies. Enterprise equipment for products that belong to a model series and finally, Radio module in an End product, it is for IoT and the rule is that products have the same wireless communication module.

    Please note that the NCC will also be considering other types of equipment not listed above for family/series listings. Some of the samples will included things like notebooks, tablet, mobile phones, mouse and keyboards, smart watches, WIFI modems, Bluetooth speakers, digital cameras with WLAN/Wired Interface, and printers. So keep an eye out for that in the future.

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