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New Official Letter 218/2022

ANATEL of Brazil published  the Official letter nº 218/2022 On 7th of October 2022 regarding the TF module.This new letter defines the guidelines for module approval in order to harmonize the understanding between OCDs and Laboratories in Brazil.

The standardization and approval procedure of RF modules included in telecom products, for Telecommunication and non-telecommunications product, the guidance needs to follow OCD:

For Non-Telecom product (TV, Medical, Household, Lamp, etc.)

  • Only RF module must be approved (host approval is optional) for the Detachable RF Module
  • Host product must be approved for non-detachable RF Module (integrated in the host PCB)
  • For Non-Telecom product with RF function responsible for its primary purpose (Example: Automotive products/Appliances/medical devices that transfer data through RF function and cannot through cable.)

  • Host product must be approved for the Detachable RF Module
  • Host product must be approved for non-detachable RF Module (integrated in the host PCB)
  • For Telecom product, If the host can use different RF module suppliers but with the same specification/technology (similar to a laptop with a slot in module and no changes to the layout/PCB), all modules can be approved in the same certificate while testing all versions. This was not previously permitted.

    There are two ways for products that already approved and using RF module:

    Authorization to use the Certificate of Homologation of the RF module

  • The local representative listed in the CoH must sign the authorization.
  • The ANATEL ID must be included in the label of the module installed within the host.
  • Internal photos of the module that has already been approved are not required.
  • During the host renewal, the RF module certificate must be valid
  • Authorization to use the Testing reports of the RF module

  • Authorization must be sign by the owner of the testing report
  • It needs internal photos (with and without shield) of the RF module
  • There will be none link to the RF module’s certificate, so none impact in the renewal even if the module’s certificate is expired.
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