Legal Audio and Video Equipment Inspection Requirements

To ensure consumer safety, the BSMI will adopt CNS 15598-1:2020 and CNS15936:2016 as inspection standards for audio and video equipment.The standard to be adopted includes volume limits requirements for video recording or reproducing apparatus to protect consumers from hearing loss.

Product including Single loudspeakers, mounted in their enclosures, Multiple loudspeakers, mounted in their enclosures, Magnetic audio disc player, Radio-broadcast receivers not capable of operating without an external source of power, of a kind used in motor vehicles, combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus capable of receiving and decoding digital radio data system signals… Using inspection standards CNS 15936 (2016)/ CNS 15598-1 (2020)/ CNS 15663 (2013) Section 5“Marking of Presence”.

Before applying for product registration, they must have their products type-tested in advance (Module II) by the BSMI or BSMI-designated testing laboratories. Manufacturers or importers will also be required to declare (Module III, conformity-to-type declaration) that all products manufactured or imported at their facilities are in conformity with the prototypes submitted for type-testing at the Module II stage.

In order to obtain a valid inspection mark, certificate holders must print the Commodity Inspection Mark. The Commodity Inspection Mark identification number consists of "Letter (R or T)," "Designated Code (five digits)," and the presence conditions of the restricted substance (e.g., RoHS or RoHS (XX,XX)).

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