Delayed Labeling For UKCA

On November 14, 2022, the United Kingdom announced that the mandatory use of the UKCA mark will delayed another two years. This means that the CE make will continue to be accepted for most products on the market in Great Britain until December 31, 2024. This extension will apply to products that fall under the UK Radio Equipment Regulations (RER) and the UK EMC Regulations (EMCR).

Manufactures can choose to use either or both the UKCA mark or the CE mark for products sold in the United Kingdom. Though the UKCA mark is still a valid and accepted way to demonstrate product conformity to the UK Legislation and the relevant Regulations. After December 31st, 2024, The UKCA mark will be mandatory and the CE Mark will cease to be recognized. The UKCA mark may be an accompanying document or on the goods as a label until December 31st, 2027. After that the UKCA mark must be permanently attached to the goods. Importer’s detail can be included on an accompanying document until December 31, 2027. After that the details must e permanently attached to the goods. An important not to considerer is that this extension only applies to goods from EEA countries, including Switzerland in some cases. For everyone else, products require importer’s details to be placed onto the goods permanently to be placed on the Great Britain’s market.

This does not change the requirements for products to meet the essential standards of the relevant EU Legislation regardless if the CE is used or the UK Regulations were a UKCA mark is used. The relevant Declaration of Conformity must contain the correct and appropriate information must still be available. Manufactures must still maintain a Technical file that contains the information required to show evidence of compliance and match with the information on the Declaration of Conformity. The roles and responsibility of Economic Operators, such as manufacturers, importers, or authorized representatives are unchanged.

Under the terms of the Protocol, Northern Ireland will continue to recognize the CE marking for goods placed not he market in Northern Ireland. They will need to use the UKNI marking if they use a UK Conformity Assessment Body to test their products. These changes only apply to goods place within the Great Britain market. The United Kingdom is a third-country from the point of placing products onto the EU market. The requirements for technical and administrative compliance and the roles of economic operators remain unchanged.

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